Van Donegal (wickenden) wrote in laotzu,
Van Donegal

The Way

allow things to go their own way.

-- if a child falls down, is this "things going their own way" and should I respond by not helping, not interfering?

The way is for children to be loved and assisted by the adults around them. When a child falls, you pick it up. To stay your hand is to interfere.

Do what you know you must do, and allow things to go their own way.


this sounds like there is a need to have a moral schema defined, so you know when to interfere. Creating a moral schema is interfering in what you know you must do. I believe that once we are human, none of us needs to be told what to do. I believe that what we must do is to some degree culturally relevant, and to some degree innately human. I think cultures reflect, by and large, what is innately human, though certain cultural pressures can skew this.

I believe that one can listen and hear what informs this. It isn't consistent, it isn't rational.

hold on to the center
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